My life has been busy, so much going on and I have been going from one thing to another not really noticing how scattered and frenzied I had become until this moment. These 10 minutes of Reiki was the first time I have felt so different. It is a feeling of serenity. Wow do I feel good!
— Mary, Salisbury MA

“I often have headaches but after this class of meditation my headaches go away.”
— Third grade meditation session

Dear Sue you are always willing to help our seniors. Thank you for donating your time at our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. You are amazing! The seniors all enjoyed your session. It is a pleasure to know you and I look forward to working with you. Ginny.
— Ginny Salisbury COA

I am amazed, I cannot believe you were able to quiet them all down into meditation.
— Kathy Discovery Program Tilton School

I highly recommend a Reiki appointment with Sue. She is the BEST! Your mood will definitely shift to the positive!
— Carol Haverhill MA

Sue and I have been practicing distance Reiki for about a year.
Sue’s calming voice and visualization techniques are very helpful to relax and destress.
After some sessions I am very relaxed and sometimes very energized. It always seems to be what I need at the time.
I would highly recommend Sue if you are new to meditation and Reiki or if you are a seasoned pro!
— Joanne NC

I do benefit greatly from them, I know it has helped me through my trauma and I appreciate it so much!
— D

I asked the kids if they used anything they learned from you during MCAS. Jenny said when she started to get angry during hard parts, she would just breathe out the bad thoughts and breathe in good thoughts.
— Teacher Discovery Program Tilton School Haverhill