Private Reiki

60 MINUTES $85

Reiki is the gentlest of traditional healing modalities. During your session you will be fully clothed seated or lying down. I use light touch hand placement for this relaxing session. Reiki brings your body, mind, emotion and spirit into balance.


Purchase 3 Reiki Sessions and Save

Reiki is rapid relaxation. A practice of stress release. We live in an over stimulated society which contributes to stress and illness. One Reiki session you will notice improvements. The benefits grow with repeated Reiki sessions. Create a healthy foundation of wellness in your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

1 hour $225

60 MINUTES $225 • save $30


Small Group Reiki

90 MINUTES $25 

Reiki is supportive and nurturing in group environments. Your group will sit in chairs/lay on mats for this Reiki session. You will practice meditation during this Reiki session.


Workplace Reiki Wellness Program

60 MINUTES $120 • 

Employees are searching for a healthier work life balance. Many carry work home and home to work increasing stress and chronic illness. Our holistic approach utilizes Reiki to rapidly reduce tension and stress. Our short programs are adaptable for all and bring clarity, focus and serenity to the workplace


Reiki Gift Certificate

30 MINUTES $55 •60 MINUTES $85

Honor your loved one with the gift of relaxation and wellness.



30 minutes $55

For the times when a half hour is just what you need.

School Reiki Wellness Program

Offering teachers our supportive Reiki wellness programs improves their resilience in their emotional, mental and physical wellness. Our holistic approach is suitable for all. We focus on releasing the stresses directly related to the teaching profession such as teacher burnout and tense classrooms. Our Reiki practice improves healthy coping skills, self esteem and empowerment.

60 MINUTES $85


Student Meditation Session

60 MINUTES $85 

This is an interactive program beginning with active energy movement sequencing, guided visual imagery and meditation focus on breath.



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