A place to unwind and be well.


I have experienced pain an suffering physically mentally and emotionally. I had limited knowledge of coping skills and navigating life issues. My life was spiraling into a disastrous mess. “Why me?” was my daily affirmation. I never fully succumb to the pain or misfortune that life seemed to be bringing to me because I have two beautiful sons to raise so I dissolved my marriage and changed my focus. I learned much from that time. I was sick for 20 years and I was stuck.

I discovered that I have the ability to change my ideas, my methods and as I let go of some deep seeded limited beliefs and opened myself to new perspectives I noticed my life changing for the better.

This change started my career in the wellness field. Like so many that I meet we tried every medical avenue with little help and when we turned to the alternative and holistic approaches our body’s began to heal and thrive.

For me growth, healing and happiness happens with learning. Over two decades ago I started my journey in the wellness field started as a volunteer for the Haverhill YMCA soon to be hired as Lead Rock Climbing Instructor. I earned my associate degree in Liberal Arts and Physical Education/Recreation while working three jobs and raising my sons. Because of my lack of wellness is why I choose to be a personal trainer and with the encouragement of my professors I opened my own studio.  I was one of the first trainers to work with special populations. These were people like me. They were tired of being sick and tired. They suffered from chronic degenerative diseases and were told there were no cure, no hope yet they felt compelled to try something. They worked out differently and often criticized by others for their less than strenuous workouts. You know what? Because of their chronic stress and anxiety they had put on weight, they had excess inflammation and when they worked out at their pace they began to heal, get stronger and the effects were better health, weight loss, more strength, flexibility. This was my physical foundation to wellness and I am blessed to have helped so many restore and renew their lives through the improvements in all aspects of their physical body.

I am always learning and growing it was not long for me to add nutrition to my practice. Eating a diet of whole foods is key. The greatest obstacle is the problems that occur with over eating sugar and starches. They negatively affect our physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually selves. I earned the Nutritional Adviser certification from Sanoviv Medical Institute to personally and professionally help me with my food cravings and learn the medicinal qualities of food.

Have you had that moment when you knew an experience would change your life path? During my first Reiki session as my Reiki master placed her hands on me I knew I would change my career path and work with Reiki energy to help people find their path to health and wellness.

I felt the Reiki energy pass through my body with a light popping, much like the candies I ate as a child “pop rocks”. I felt tension leave and a quietness and peace enter. The best part was I did not have to do anything! I simply lay there fully clothed on the table listening to soft music. When the session was over I felt different and wondered how could this be because I did not do anything. This is why I am bringing Reiki to you because Reiki can be given to people in wheel chairs, and beds…I do this. Reiki can be giving to you in the loudest venue…I do this. Reiki can be given to you while at work, home, assisted living, etc. Reiki can be giving through distance. I love the ease and simplicity of Reiki. I have downsized and no longer need equipment, only my hands and my highest intentions.

My time as a personal training showed me the the destructive quality of stress. People were not addressing it as the problem or the catalyst for most of their troubles but rather wearing it like a badge of honor. I was the same…working three jobs, going to school, raising two sons, getting remarried and working to blend families effected me internally with very high blood pressure in my thirties. In my twenties I had constant sinus infections and my need to be in control materialized with not asking for support from others and this showed up in my back with three painful bulging discs and sciatic pain down both legs and one arm. I had bunion surgery at age 30 and surgery for a Spigelian Hernia in my early 40’s. It has been almost ten years of freedom from pain and suffering and much of it has to do with the knowledge of adding supplements to my whole foods diet and adding Reiki energy every day to my holistic and alternative lifestyle.

I know is that there is much suffering and people are living each day in pain. Reiki is helping my clients instantly relax as they find a peaceful place inside of them. When their Reiki session is over they comment on how much they have changed. The sense of serenity is evident. Reiki is a good compliment to your current medical program, physical activities and lifestyle. I have changed my life stepping up another level and I bring to you my knowledge from my past experiences, education, careers, mentors, teachers to the Reiki table. It is an honor to help you through Reiki.

In love and light,

Sue Cullen

Reiki Master of the Usui System of Reiki Healing