I am transforming wellness for all by Reducing Stress, anxiety and tension with peaceful and relaxing Reiki.

HVW Workplace Wellness programs

Reiki and meditation is your solution

The inability to manage our reactions and responses to life situations increases stress in our body, mind and emotions. Stress is the root cause of many illnesses and contributes to the dissolving connection with self and our community.

HVW Reiki programs rapidly reduce stress while improving the harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Reiki is pure positive energy that flows through the body to release and remove stagnant energy. HVW Reiki and meditation programs are unique in their simplicity and gentle approach.

Workplace Wellness

The success of your company depends on the productivity and work performance of you employees. In today’s world employees are living in constant stress and finding it difficult to let go and unwind. This not only negatively effects the work environment it is harmful to their physical and mental health. Learning how to release stress and tension is a powerful skill and this is what HVW Reiki and meditation programs provide. Our focus is to rapidly reducing stress which is the cause for most illness, workplace accidents and disputes. Reiki and meditation is your solution to enhance and provide a wellness program that is suitable for all employees and cost effective.


Group Reiki Classes increase your WELLNESs.

Loneliness is proven to be bad for your health. Group Reiki brings you together with like minded people that are supportive and helpful in reaching your goals as well as supporting universal intentions.

Reiki promotes positive workplace culture.

Reiki promotes positive workplace culture.

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