About Sue CUllen 

My passion is to bring wellness to people by promoting positive self care and healthy lifestyle habits through your body, mind and spirit.  Simply and with ease everyday.  

We have the opportunity when life becomes full to over stress and decline or to overcome and blossom.  I have experienced the negative effects of a life so full that stress became chronic and illness was everywhere in my body, mind and spirit.  Even as a “healthy” personal trainer I succumbed.  What I know is that your body has an innate ability to heal and you have the power within to create change.  I did it and I have guided many others to create subtle and profound wellness changes.

Over two decades in the wellness field started as I earned my associate degree in Liberal Arts and Physical Education/Recreation.  To become a personal trainer was suggested by my professors.  What a gift to be guided by such astute people.   My start as a personal trainer certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association fostered great respect for the biology, chemistry and mechanics of the human body.  I work with all generations in a compassionate manner to bring them to the next level and beyond.

I love to learn and grow.  My desire to  touch more lives guided me to wellness coaching and Reiki.   As an internationally certified Wellpro Wellness Coach and Usui and Shamballa Reiki II practitioner I add balance to your physical wellness program.  Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that promotes healing through energy flow.  Your body has energy channels from top to bottom and they simply become blocked just as air in the hose of a central vacuum  becomes blocked when it is kinked.  To make your vacuum work you must unblock the hose and let air flow. This is what Reiki does! It moves the energy in your body to promote healing and wellness.  


No single approach is right for everyone.  I am trained in a variety of wellness modalities including nutrition and nutritional science to motivate, inspire and lead you to your wellness goals.  I am your compassionate accountability partner that keeps you focused.  Your vision is your thoughts.  Your actions become your reality and the love inside you flourishes creating a life of wellness.

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